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This is a really simple UI pack for a dating sim or visual novel style game. It has a minimal Pink and white theme that could easily be changed to another color scheme to for any project.

↠ All screens are 1920x1080 (Icons Exported at 128x128 or 256x256 where appropriate for ease of use in Unity)

↠ ALL Assets are created with shapes in Photoshop. This means they are as easy as possible to edit.  As long as you know how to resize and change the color of a shape you will easily be able to edit this to fit your own project.

↠  This pack contains the original PSD files for all screens as well as folders of exported assets for you to use.

↠  There is a small selection of basic icons and example medals with the pack. 

↠If you use it please credit me. I also love to see projects that use my assets  :)

Included Screens :
- Home Screen 
 - Characters
- Dialogue Screen
- Incoming Messages
- Messages
- Settings
-Victory/Defeat Pop Up (added on request)

The fonts used can be downloaded here: 



I want to keep creating free assets like these in the future. If you like this asset pack please consider supporting me by dropping me a follow on social media or pledging on Patreon.

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You may not distribute or sell these assets unedited.


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DatingGameUI.zip 56 MB

Development log


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Hi I was wondering if we could share the assets to other visual novel engine websites. I would still credit you and give the terms of use but I was just wondering if we could redistribute it. It would be completely free so it's not like it will be sold. Anyway was just wondering ^^

Hey! Thanks for asking but for now I'd prefer for everything to be distributed from my page on Itch since it makes it a lot easier for me to help people when they need it. If other people are distributing and someone needs help I can't know what state they received the files in and what could be  causing the issue they're having.

привет, я хочу использовать эти ресурсы для своей новеллы. если у меня получится, я обязательно укажу тебя как автора в пункте "об игре"

Hi is this pack okay to be used in commercial products?


Yes as long as you credit me.

will do thank you :)


This is so pretty. You did a really good job! ^_^


Thank you :D

You’re welcome!

Really, really clean!


Thank you ☺️

I'm making an open source game editor and I would like to include your assets as a sample to show how the editor works. Is it possible or does it falls under "not distribute" clause?

That's not a problem. The "do not distribute" refers only to reselling the asset packs by themselves, unedited. You can use them in any project you like!


Apologies if this has already been asked but is it compatible with Ren'Py? This looks absolutely amazing! 


I don't know anything about Ren'Py in terms of the UI documentation but I doubt the assets would just plug and play with it. All my assets contains the PSDs so it is very easy to resize anything you need to fit any engine or project.

Got it! Thanks for the quick reply \o/ 

can you make it for tads too


I'm already working on some other packs at the moment but I might consider it in the future.

Hi! I love your pack and therefore I will use it in my visual novel. P.S: On the game site and here on itch.io I leave you the credits

Can't wait to see how it turns out :)


I released the project! :D https://emily2.itch.io/sutemos-character-creator

Your project turned out great! :D


Thank you!

Hey, I noticed something when checking out your fonts. The link says "the bold font" but it links to "built titling".

Anyway, this UI looks cool! I'll use it and I can update you when the project is released.

Hey, thanks for letting me know! I've updated the links :)

Can I use this in a commercial game for free?


Sure, as long as you credit me. There's a explanation of the license in the download.

Deleted 46 days ago

Thank you and I'm always interested to find out how people use them! Hopefully they are useful to you :)



question: how do you use this?

I'm using this UI pack for my Ren'Py visual novel, and when I used the exports, it's still the same when I tested my visual novel.

I guess you need to code the GUI in your project ;)

This is super cute!

Wow, how come i didn't see this in my feed? 

The timing is perfect! XD

Hopefully you get some use out of it :)

Definitely, I literally thought about a dating sim project yesterday!

Any chance there could be an overlay Victory/Defeat layer?

You mean another screen that's just for victory/ defeat? Or a pop up?

I was thinking more of a pop up to overlay on top.

I added some simple ones for you. The assets and PSDs are in an updated version of the downloadable zip so if you already downloaded it you will need to do it again :)